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Enhanced room geometry optimization


Stop accepting and start correcting with ERGOTM
A great mix starts with a great recording room. But when it comes to achieving the most accurate mix, your room may have the upper hand. Like any room, your studio's acoustics include offending frequencies and room reflections, and none of these are helping your mix. Getting a handle on these problems has traditionally meant the installation of soft foam or fabrics, and that's a great start. But now you can get even closer to a perfect room, and a perfect mix, because the future of studio sound is here, and it's called ERGO.

Key Technologies

Large Volume Knob
Ultra-Smooth response volume control simultaneous control of ERGO's A/B/Sub outputs.

"A" Speakers
Enables or disables the audio being sent to the "A" speakers.

"B" speakers
Enables or disables the audio being sent to the "B" or subwoofer speakers.

Room Correction
Turns room correction processing on or off.

Our 3D model allows users to preserve the "good" features of the room, while correcting the bad. ERGO also doesn't color the sound or produce an artificial anechoic environment. Normally, ERGO corrects for your monitoring position. This gives you perfectly corrected sound while mixing. In Global mode, the correct spot is widened so that others (products, musicians, groupies) can enjoy your mix in a corrected environment.

Headphone Volume (side panel)
Adjusts the output level of the headphone jack. The headphones have their own independent audio stream, or can mirror the A stream.

Calibration Switch (back panel)
This enables the room calibration microphone and places ERGO into analysis mode.

Features & Benefits

Hear the difference
KRK, long known for highly accurate studio monitors brings you ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization). ERGO is for the recording engineer, DJ, or musician that monitors in less-than-perfect acoustic conditions - isn't that most of us? ERGO is a digital room analysis/correction system designed to measure and analyze phase/frequency problems within a listening environment. The powerful digital signal processor in the ERGO unit processes audio to correct for the offending issues. So, you can stop worrying about your studio's acoustics and start focusing on your mix!

ERGO's high-end sound quality makes it perfect for the discriminating audio professional, while the affordable price puts it within reach of the typical recording hobbyist. Every studio needs an ERGO, because even the most accurate monitor in an imperfect room isn't going to solve mixing problems, but ERGO will. ERGO also makes your mix translate from the studio to different environments. How good is a great rack that only sounds great in your room? With ERGO, your mix sounds great everywhere you, or your fans want to hear it. Want better sound, and in more places? Put ERGO in the mix.

ERGO is a digital room analysis/correction system and consists of the ERGO unit, a microphone, and control software. These three pieces are used to measure and analyze phase/frequence problems within a listening environment.

Smarter than your average gear
Room correction products aren't new, but thank goodness ERGO is. While conventional room correction systems utilize simple analysis and limited bands of EQ (often fewer than 8), ERGO uses multiple measurements and proprietary algorithms to create a 3D image of the room, and then applies 1024 dynamic filters to control the audio environment. Our 3D model allows users to preserve the "good" characteristics of the room, while correcting the bad... ERGO doesn't color the sound or produce an artificially sterile environment. ERGO produces the best mix for a given room; a mix that will translate better to other listening environments, since it was mixed in a "perfect" room.

Room perfect technology
The sophisticated room analysis and correction system within ERGO, called "RoomPerfect" was developed by Lyngdorf Audio in Denmark aftTer many years of R&D work. The patented algorithm in the system compares many measurements and corrects for phase and frequency problems using thousands of filters, not just a few. The result is the most accurate mix. ERGO, analyze this!

Lyngdorf Audio utilizes some of the best audio engineers in the world to develop superior technology. Lyngdorf Audio is the industry leader and cutting-edge digital audio company and we are proud to exclusively license their technology.

Tech Specs


Illuminated Controls
Measurement Output
Headphone Output


400MHz Blackfin DSP
RoomPerfect Algorithm Sample Rate - 96KHz
Room Correction Frequencies 20-500Hz
1024 tap FIR filter for room correction


ERGO: 180mm (7") x 55mm (2.2") x 107mm (4.2")
Microphone Length: 197mm (7.75")

Firewire Spec

Mac, WDM, and ASIO Driver support
Firewire Recording Interface Capable
Simultaneous 4 in, 6 out

Audio Spec

Audio Spec A/B Speaker Select/Control
Stereo Audio-in
S/PDIF In (32KHz-96KHz)
118db SNR, THD+N -100dB


ERGO: 610g (21.5 oz)


ERGO integrates with all PC and Mac-based computer recording systems. In these environments ERGO appears as a standard PC or Mac Firewire audio interface, so setup is easy and compatibility is assured. With ERGO's analog inputs you can still use whatever non-computer based recording hardware you are currently using without having to re-configure your system. In an analog mode ERGO sits between your existing recording interface or mixer and your speakers. ERGO also integrates with Pro Tools by allowing a S/PDIF signal to be digitally connected. Assign the S/PDIF output of your Pro Tools rig as your main Left/Right outputs, then connect ERGO, and experience perfect sound. And because all processing resides in ERGO no overhead is needed from the computer audio system.

If the sophisticated room analysis wasn't enough, ERGO can help around your studio in other ways too. Ergo can switch between two sets of full range monitors, or two monitors and a subwoofer via its front panel controls. Switch easily between monitors or monitors and sub systems. Each set of speakers will have their own correction filters. ERGO also provides a choice of selecting between two stereo audio streams through the headphone output. While ERGO's large volume control delivers ultra-smooth response of ERGO's A/B/Sub outputs. ERGO has your connections.

Finally, ERGO is all about quality construction. From its sturdy anodized aluminium case and die-cast end-caps, to its use of 120dB SNR converters, ERGO feels and sounds solid and robust. Smart and strong, ERGO is the perfect solution in an imperfect world.


ERGO Windows Software v1.02 Package


ERGO Apple Software v1.00 Package


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